” The ‘new normal’ discourse sanitises the idea that our present is okay because normal is regular “. (quote from: www.reform.org)

This phrase keeps being used ; in the streets, in the shops, online, on TV and radio. The concept is ‘coined’ by politicians and media. But what does this mean? Is the new normal better than the old normal; was the old normal something we were happy with, was it good enough? Is a pandemic normal? Is it normal to to walk down the road or drive your car with a mask on? None of this is ‘normal’ in either an old or new context; but it is a response.

N-E-W is asking for proposals that seek to explore, question, critique, examine and reveal more about this emerging paradigm. We are hoping that we can curate these into a weekend of artistic interventions in the town of Ashburton, Devon.

At this stage a statement outlining your ideas will suffice along with some details of possible resources required. Based on these responses we will be looking to assemble a programme and from this make a funding application for the event.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes


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