Sound artists

Marcus Vegette

Bell Table

John Matthias

A performance with 5 metronomes synchronising and unsynchronising, on two planks of wood supported by cans.

Jane Grant – ‘Lament’

Sound installation. The first time I exhibited Lament was in 1997 where a friend, the artist Graham Rich commented that it reminded him of Frederico Garica Lorca’s literary work The Theory and Function of the Duende. The duende is a wind that comes from the earth, something that carries within its meaning both hope and despair, a longing, an unfathomable sadness.
The hymn books used in this work are by kind donation from St Andrews Church.

Greg Newman

Play the trampoline

Drawdio musical pencils

Karen Lorenz and Greg Newman exhibit these pens used in KEVICS big draw.

Anna Keleher

Place -Dreamer pod is a custom made pod mobile, solar-powered listening booth and recording suite, an evolving collection of Place-dreamer props elicit stories.